i am jenifer


Discover the antidote for your lackluster love life, ME. I am a Divine love coach and Alchemist for the masculine and feminine

I can guide you into a Lasting Love Relationship That REPLACES Tears, Triggers, Separation AND Heartbreak, with Divine Masculine and Feminine polarity, leading through love and devotion to sacred union!

Because You can Have an enchanting love relationship


~ A Deeper Love that is both Divine and Primal!

~ More Attention, Connection, and Communication from your Beloved!

~  Masculine and Feminine Devotion in your relationship!

~ Feelings of Enchantment, Bliss, and Ecstasy!

Keep Reading Now! Because….

As a Divine Love Coach and Alchemist, My unique approach focuses on many foundational pieces of Relationship creation that most coaches are not aware of or don’t fully understand.

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The feminine sets the Tone or the desire of the relationship. This must be in place before a lasting relationship can be created. It is easy for the Divine Feminine and her mentors to miss this important first step or gloss over it. But not me.

Equally important is tapping into your hidden Desires and claiming them! Once I show you how and why, then we shine your light on that dimly lit path that you desire your masculine to forge ahead on and lead you down.

To be more precise the Feminine sets the Desire Energetically and then the Masculine picks up on her Desire and physically makes it happen on earth, in your life NOW. Your Divine Masculine stepping up for you, in the frequency of Devotion, holding your hand and LEADING you both towards your Desire.

Alchemy (Al-Ke-Me), Noun, Power or process that changes or transforms something in an impressive or seemingly magical way! This Magic is an important aspect of being a divine love coach

I have been enjoying my own Divine Love Twin Flame Relationship since 2013. I have been a Divine Love Coach Researching Twin flames and Divine Love Relationships since 2015
I AM Jenifer
If you DESIRE a deeper, more romantic version of love ....

with more polarity, respect and devotion....