Divine Masculine

Hi Divine Feminine!

Here is some of the best advice
you will ever get on this journey.


Oh I know that you think he does because
he is not ready,
he hasn’t done the work,
he is doing nothing about the relationship,
he is still in 3D,
blah, blah, blah.

Seriously thinking or talking about
the Masculine this way is actually
you from having what you want.

You are actually in fear
you have been living a life
steeped in Shadow Consciousness.

your Shadow is running your life
and keeping you in fear.
And until you, Yes You,
work on this block you will be forever
Your Shadow consists of
these wimpy low-life parts of you,
child, prostitute, victim, and saboteur.
These are the reactive parts of you
that like to get your feeling hurt,
that gets you triggered a lot, 
that has set impossible boundaries
for you that you don’t have
the Spiritual energy to uphold.

And all of this you BLAME on your poor
Divine Masculine.
And then there are also some of you
that refuse to do the work
because you think that the Divine Masculine
should be the one to do it,
to fix everything,
and ride after you on his white horse.
(More Blah, blah, blah)

But and this is very BIG BUT….
it can NEVER
happen that way because
the Divine Masculine
is not genetically wired that way.
He is wired to
provide and protect
the Divine Feminine and he can only recognize
a Divine Fem by her ENERGY.

He can’t recognize you when
you call him out
when you text him multiple times
when you chatter at him
when you treat him like a child or a girlfriend
or talk to him as if you are his therapist!
If you are trying to teach him
or telling him how to dress
or conduct his business
or bossing him around
sorry but under those circumstances,
he can not recognize you as a
Divine Feminine Goddess.
And in those circumstances to even stay
in your energy field
he has to dumb himself down
to the wimpy fucker.
Yep, I said it.

And we all know we don’t want that.
So until you change your energy
into the Divine Fem that you are
by doing your work he will not
recognize you as
Your relationship may not progress
and in fact you could go

Because until you do the work
you will not have the energetic codes
that ignite his genetics and turn on his
Divine Masculine energies
of protector provider.

I have precise Code Drops of Love
for the divine masculine and feminine,
I have much practical information
to share with
those that work with me.
I have Dating and Relationship codes for
Divine Feminines and Masculines.
These codes open portals
for a deeper love and the type of intimacy
that will have you swooning
in and out of the bedroom. 
So, don’t fret Divine Feme,
Instead check out my
 love Coaching page
and make yourself
Magnetic to Love! All calls are on Zoom
with a replay of course.

Those that work with me
become Irresistible
to their Divine  Masculine.

Alchemy turns blah relationships
into your Heart of Gold!

© I AM Jenifer 2022 Divinelovealchemist.com