love coaching

and alchemy

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I am experienced in coaching divine masculines and feminines just like you, to create a devoted love relationship with your divine love partner!

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One Love Coaching Session of 60 minutes on ZOOM

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Includes the replay. 
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five love coaching sessions of 60 minutes each on zoom

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Two, Three or Four months custom packages

 love Coaching on Zoom, plus Emails, Texts, Voxer, Phone Calls,  Messenger, PDFs, etc.  

Lean into Your Divine Love Life! 

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responsibility, desire and commitment

Accepting responsibility for where you are in life allows you a fresh start. By Knowing what you really want we add Clarity and truth to your Desire. Through Ceremony we add Commitment.

Divine Masculine and Feminine

Is about giving and receiving, freedom and love, communicating facts and information, versus experiencing and understanding emotions, protecting and providing, versus submission and devotion. When both the Masculine and the Feminine are following the principles and when used correctly each feels more taken care of as it provides a deeper more romantic version of respect, love, protection and devotion in your relationship

Shadow Alchemy

Through the process of Shadow Alchemy we will eliminate triggers, doubts, insecurities, and self sabotage from your psyche. Allowing you to step out of your looping relationship patterns. You will truly become Magnetic to your Divine Lover. Even if all your previous relationships have ended in disaster.

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truth, congruency, and integrity

We will Create you an Enchanting Love Relationship without using Manipulation or Coercion of any kind. As your Integrity is very important in Love. If you Desire True Love you must be Embodying your Truth.

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Desire Alchemy, Beauty Allure and Meditation

These Powerful States of Consciousness Allow You to progress and maintain your focus between sessions.


feminine power and communication

It’s not always about Masculine Dominance and Feminine Submission. In fact, sometimes it’s Feminine Dominance and Masculine Submission and everything in between! It’s about finding the magical blend that works in your unique circumstances. That brings you a Deeper, more Romantic version of Love that adds an extra Dimension of Devotion to your Sexual Union. 

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